There were very few resources where you could play Tetris Lumpty, so I have decided to build this blog –, where you can play this game all day long online. Since we have an unblocked version you can enjoy it from school, from your work, and from anywhere else, the game is free to play and can offer so much entertainment and fun.

I belong to 90s kids and I just admire this game so much, I still remember my first gaming console and how I spent all day long playing Tetris and other classic games from that era. I used to play it all day long nonstop, it was so much fun to play with my friends and compare our achievements, sweet childhood memories (nostalgia kicks in here). What brought me real thrill was the fast phase of the game on higher levels, where you had to think fast in order to not make any mistakes, as you remember making even a single mistake on higher levels was equal to losing.

Briefly about the author of this game: Tetris Lumpty is a tile-matching puzzle game, it was released as a video game on different consoles and it became extremely popular shortly after (in fact it is the second best-selling game in the world, I think in total there were 495 million copies sold); by the way, the game was released on June 6, 1984. Originally design of the game, as well as programming, belongs to Russian game designer – Alexey Pajitnov, this is the dude we need to thank for an awesome game.

Now the time has passed, but the game is still popular nowadays. This is why we have a flash version of the game which allows us to play the game from the browser (as you can see above). All you have to do is to visit our blog and start playing the game. I will just list controls of the game and you are good to go.

The game also counts how many lines you have cleared, how many points you have collected and it displays your current levels as well.
 Tetris has two buttons quit (to quit the game) and pause (to pause the game), at the start, you can also select different levels if you are experienced players start from higher ones.

Please share with us your highest score in the game below in the comments section, let’s make some sort of competition like in our childhood it should be fun.

I bet you had no idea that this legendary classic retro game had different variants. Don’t worry, most of the people had no idea either, in fact, most of you knew about the main version of the game since the only main version was available on old consoles, other editions were less popular and it was rare to find them on consoles.

Anyway, I have decided to talk about these games, it is interesting to see other variants as well.

It all started with Tetris on Game Boy:

The very first version of the game was developed by Bullet Proof Software back in 1989. For multiplayer purposes you could link two ‘Game Boy’ together, idea was revolutionary.


This game appeared in 1989 and it was developed by Alexey Pajitnov & Doka.


Hatris first appeared in 1990, it looked really different from the original version of the game and was developed by Alexey Pajitnov.

Faces… Tris III:

This creepy face like Tetris game was created in 1991 by Sphere, Inc. Your main objective here was to place face parts correctly, faces were taken from famous historical figures.

Super Tetris:

This version was designed by Sphere, Inc. Unlike other versions of the game here, you could have encountered bombs and explosions, the game was interesting as well for new two-player co-operative and competitive modes. It appeared first in 1991.

Tetris 2 + Bombliss:

Tetris 2 + Bombliss made its debut in 1991, it was developed by Bullet-Proof Software and it had a two-player mode in it, it also featured previously used explosive tactics, combined lines were simply exploded, kind of funny effect for Tetris don’t you think?

Other popular Tetris versions included: Tetris 2, Tetris Battle Gaiden, Tetris & Dr. Mario, Super Tetris 3, V-Tetris, Tetris Blast, Tetris Attack, 3D Tetris, Tetris S, Tetris Plus, Tetris Plus 2, Tetrisphere, Tetris DX, etc.

There are other versions as well, it would take us forever to list all of them here, but I covered all the main releases. If you have other suggestions let us know.

The last game was developed in 2016, it was called Tetraminos, it was released by Sanuk Games.


 Special thanks to Alexey Pajitnov for awesome childhood memories and for my favorite retro game design, you sir are a legend!